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Thousands of foodies interacting aiming to the same goal: share their experiences and contribute to the development of the largest online gastronomic community.


Share your experiences!

Imagine an App to share your gastronomic experiences with thousands of people, indicate your favorite restaurants and dishes, impress your friends with your cooking skills and also have the guys salivating with grandma’s lunch.

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Interact with the Mynu community

On Mynu you can interact with your favorite restaurants, keep up with all the news on the menu, parties, and also check what your favorite muse had for lunch and keep an eye on your favorite chef's new cooking adventure.

Create your own Menu

Saw a photo of a dish and felt like trying it? Create your own Menu! Add pictures and make a list of places you want to try out at the weekend.

Search and Rate places

Beside being able to find the best bars, restaurants and clubs in your city, you can also explore and make a detailed search, thanks to information sharing of all community members. Choose the result based on what you are looking for: Ranking Score, Popularity or Geolocation.

Rate it and help the community to grow

Mynu is a space fed by the user and therefore encourages everyone's opinion when evaluating restaurants, dishes and establishments. On Mynu, the majority set the rules, so the key of this community is YOU!

Enjoy your Gastronomic Guru!

Who is on the community?


    I work as a chef in Rio de Janeiro and people from all over the world comes to my restaurant. On my Mynu profile, I can exhibit my kitchen creations and the new dishes that will be included on the menu soon.

    Sophia (Chef)

    I live in São Paulo and with so many restaurants and bistros options is hard to pick up one. Thanks to Mynu now I can organize a list on ''My Menu'' about places i’d like to go.

    Isabela Costa (Designer)

    I constantly travel on business, so I am always looking for good restaurants to take my associates and investors. Mynu made my life so much easier, it got easy to find out which are the best places in town according to my needs.

    Davi Miller (Businessman)

    What I like most about Mynu is knowing about the places where my favorite celebrities enjoy going to, as well as staying on top of everything that is happening in town.

    Luisa Campos (Student)
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