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Come and meet Mynu! The newest online gastronomic community! Here you can interact with your friends and access all the information you need in just one place.

Share your gastronomic experiences with your friends, show your favorite restaurants and impress everyone with your cooking skills! On Mynu you can post pictures from something you ate on establishments or something homemade.

There are thousands of foodies interacting and sharing their experiences with one goal: Contribute to the improvement of consumer experience, get the best information and stay on top of all the gastronomic news.

Besides discovering the best food and drink places in your city, thanks to the sharing information of all community members you can explore several information and elaborate an advanced and detailed research, where you can filter and select results based on what you are looking for: Ranking Score, Popularity or Geolocation.

Mynu is a space powered by users. Therefore, it encourages everyone to give their opinion when evaluating restaurants, dishes and establishments. On Mynu the majority makes the rules and because of that the key to this community is YOU!

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