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When you register on Mynu, the app automatically search for your Facebook friends. If you have not chosen to link your Mynu account to your Facebook account, go to ‘’Options’’ (Picture 1) and select “Link Facebook account” (Picture 2), then click on “Find Facebook Friends” and select the friends you want to add (Picture 3). To find a specific user, just go to “Explore” and search by name or username.

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To private your account, go to your profile and click on “Edit” and select “private photos” (Picture 2), your pictures will not be seen by users who doesn’t follow you. With a private profile, the App will send you a request to approve each new follower. You can read our Privacy Policy accessing: Tools (indicated by the arrow on Picture 1) > Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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“My Menu” was created to remind you of that wonderful dish that someone posted and you were willing to try. With this tool, you can create your own menu to check for dishes wherever you want! To add photos to your list, simply click on  ” … ” (Picture 1) then on “Add to my menu” (Picture 2). To access My Menu, click at the ”Tools” icon in your profile.

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Establishments are scored based on the evaluations made by the users. When you post a picture taken in a specific establishment, the app asks you to assign a note to the dish. Based on the average of these evaluations, plus the amount of Nhacs and the number of publications in the establishment, a note and ranking position are determined. The rankings are determined for each CATEGORY > SUBCATEGORY on a specific City.


Users Ranking classifies the profiles according to the number of publications and the impact of these posts on the network (Nhacs). This ranking aims to identify users who share quality and interesting publications, so that people can find profiles with the best gastronomic content of each region. You can access the ranking position of each user through the icon “Trophy” on the profile.


At the “Explore” page, you can find an option to perform an advanced search for establishments. Click on ‘’Search establishments’’ (Picture 1) > choose the “Establishments” icon (Picture 2) > click on ‘’Advanced Search’’ (Picture 2) and fill in the specifications to find the place you want. The app will deliver all the results compatible with your search. You can also sort the results according to the desired criteria: Ranking Score, Popularity or Geolocation.

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On Mynu you have the option to share your gastronomic experiences that were homemade or cooked by a chef on a restaurant. The first feed that appears on your profile (Picture 1) shows the pictures you posted on an establishment. The photos you have selected as “Homemade” will appear in the second Feed (Picture 2).

feed estabelecimentofeed feito em caa

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